AirBaltic airline meals are not included in the price of economy class tickets. However the airline has one of the largest range of pre order inflight meals for economy class passengers with over 70 different options to choose from.

Pre Order Meals

Available on flights to and from Riga and Vilnius. Meals can be pre-ordered only for flights operated by airBaltic. Hot meals are available on flights lasting more than one hour and 30 minutes. On other flights only cold meal options can be pre ordered.

By ordering your food before the flight, you save money, order what you like, guarantee your food availability and be one of the the first served. The snack selection onboard include sandwiches, cheese platters and snacks. They offer a variety of drinks, from coffee to refreshing drinks.

Special Meals

Economy class passengers on Air Baltic may pre order a special meal for health/dietary reasons at a cost, business class passengers may pre order a special meal for free.

Economy Class

Hindu Meal, Kosher Meal, Muslim Meal, Orthodox Fasting Meal, Raw Vegetarian Meal, Vegan, Vegetarian.

Business Class

Asian Vegetarian meal, Vegetarian Raw meal, Vegetarian Vegan meal, Vegetarian lacto, Kosher meal, Baby meal
Child meal, Bland meal, Diabetic meal, Gluten free meal, Low calorie meal, Low fat meal, Low lactose meal
Special meal, Sea Food meal and a Fruit plate.




About The Author

Nikos travels regularly in order to get a taste of what airlines are serving up to us in First, Business and Economy class. Not all airline meals are created the same! You can also follow his inflight meal journeys on Instagram .

3 Responses

  1. Arjan Tupan

    This time, I tried the hot meal from the on-board menu: pork medallions with mushrooms, fried potatoes and cherry tomatoes. The box was filled with some nice extras: rye-bread, butter and a brownie that was relatively nice.

    The pork medaillons however were a bit disappointing. Rather tasteless meat, very few and very small mushrooms and bland potatoes. Also, this time, the dish was not heated properly. I don’t mind waiting a few minutes more for a really warm dish. The meat and tomatoes were warmish, but the potatoes were still cold. A slight disappointment, this time.

  2. Inflight Feed

    Second flight with Air Baltic, same day! Of course I couldn’t resist and pre ordered a meal for both sectors. Quality and price is really good, I love an airline that allows you to pre order from such a variety of dishes. Great meal, served in a cool box as the previous meal. Drink included. Meal was super fresh!

  3. Inflight Feed

    Took two flights with Air Baltic, first flight included a vegetarian option which was pre ordered. Now for a vegetarian meal it looked pretty good! Nothing worse than a horrible looking vegetarian meal, this meal was certainly not that! Service was great, crew delivered meal right after take off, nice hot meal too. Was a pre order meal, if you forget don’t worry you can buy items on board, however the pre order meals are cheaper and you get a better selection!


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