Condor airlines inflight meals are free and include a range of meals and snacks to all customers no matter which cabin class you fly in. All passengers on flights up to 6 hours (Zone 1 and 2) receive a complimentary snack. However, it’s best to check the destination zone that you are flying to in order to know exactly what is included in the price of your ticket. For flight zone information please click here.


Economy class customers will receive a free snack on short and medium haul flights flying to zone 1 and zone 2 destinations. On long haul flights flying to zones 3 to 5 passengers can expect a hot meal service and an additional snack service. If you are still hungry the airline will sell you snacks in between meal services if you wish to purchase.

Free tea, coffee and water is available to everyone in Economy class on all short haul and medium haul flights, on long haul flights soft drinks are also included. Passengers will need to pay for any alcoholic drinks that they wish to consume inflight.


Passengers in economy class can pre-book one of the great value Sky Meals with choices like  Salad with roll (vegetarian), Cutlet with sauté potatoes or King prawns in a Thai green curry sauce, with rice. You can reserve a Sky Meal meal up to 24 hours before departure for all flights with the Condor flight number prefix ‘DE’. Premium pre order meals are also available and start from only USD$11.00 per meal. For more information check here.


Those travelling in premium economy class will be able to select their favorite premium pre-order meal prior to departure (included in the price of your ticket!) and will have alcoholic drinks inflight included too.


Passengers will receive: Welcome drink, five-course meal, dessert and digestif trolley, and an exclusive selection of drinks.


Passengers can pay for and pre-order a special meal if they require it including Vegetarian, Diabetic, Gluten Free, Muslim, Kosher, Lactose-Free, Vegan and Childrens Premium Menu.

Pricing starts from only USD$11.00 per meal and further information can be found here.


Click below to check out the entire pre-order menu!


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