Czech airlines meals options for passengers include a range of homemade style meals which have been created in co-operation with the Zátiší group in Prague. On short and medium haul flights economy class passengers can order food from the Buy On Board menu.  Economy class passengers have the option to upgrade their inflight meal to the business class meal offerings also. You can view the airlines Buy On Board menu below.


International economy class passengers flying to Russia and Central Asia will sample more local style meals which such as pumpkin soup or partridge with creamy-mushroom sauce and gnocchi will be served on select flights.


Economy class customers can now enjoy a Business Class meal service even when sitting in economy class! Upgrades to your inflight meal can be done up to 24 hours prior to the departure of your flight.

To learn more about this just contact the airlines reservation department here.

These meals are not available on ATR aircraft or on flights from Almaty, Tashkent, Bucharest, Rostov-on-Don, Tel Aviv and Seoul to Prague and on selected flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Prague.

What’s the cost? Meals start from only €8 for further information on menus go here.


All Business Class cabin meals have been designed by renowned chefs of the Zátiší Group’s restaurants and catering department. Business class passengers can expect dishes such as Tramezzi with ham and cheese, chicken with vegetables or pollo tonnato with tuna mayonnaise. On international long haul services to Seoul Czech Airlines business class passengers will have a choice of three main meal choices including a Korean option of Bibimbap!


czech airlines inflight menu

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