Idigo inflight meals are not included in the price of your ticket. Indian based IndiGo offers a selection of food and beverages for sale onboard which includes vegetarian & non-vegetarian options for purchase during your flight.

Inflight meal options on Indigo include wraps, malabar parathas, sandwiches, flavored cashew nuts, cakes, potato sticks and samosas (veg. only). For passengers with special needs, IndiGo offers a choice of sugar-free health bars and drinks.


Complimentary drinking water is offered on all IndiGo flights.

Note – If you upgrade to Indigo Plus at the time of booking and enjoy advanced seat assignment and a meal (choice of non veg or vegetarian)  a drink (non alcoholic).


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  1. Raajeev

    Hi, please reply ASAP !!!
    I have enjoyed the flight experience. I think you should provide FREE MEALS for every person, as the prices of tickets are so high. As it is included as passenger service charges in the ticket..
    Pls. send ur website of the your online store bcoz i have to purchase a display model of your airlines which I saw in the booklet in the airline. Overall great experience !

  2. Dr.S.K.Chakarvarti

    Please let me know how to upgrade to Indigo Plus while using booking through internet? I could not find any field for this.

  3. Srinath Naidu

    Hi, I will be flying Indigo (Hyd–>COK) on Saturday this week. I want food service, I have a corporate ticket from a travel agent, so how do I pay and book a meal in advance. I will be upgrading at the checkin to The INR 200/- per flight upgrade. Can I upgrade online in advance.

  4. Tejas Pathare

    Dear Sir,

    I am Tejas Pathare from Mumbai , I like Indigo Airlines because very nice journey hours , safety , meal menu , meal taste & service are beautiful .

    I want to buy Indigo Airlines A320 Flight Scale Model with stand . so Please help me , how to buy that model ?

    Tejas Pathare
    Co. No. +91 9664 377 016

  5. Abhik

    Sandwich on board was not too good. Probably turned me green. I concur with the other reviewer that it is a waste to opt for the Rs 600 option.


    I had booked a VALUE MEAL at Rs.600/- for my father’s flight online.He was offered a Russian Salad & Mixed fruit juice, which are for Rs. 170/- & Rs. 60/- each as per your in-flight menu (see attached snaps of your in-flight menu card). Why was I charged a hefty Rs. 600/- for a pre-booked meal when it was available in-flight for a mere Rs. 230/-? I’m very upset with this & require clarification.

    Here are further details: I had purchased ONLY a VALUE MEAL & did not purchase any option to select seats etc. in advance! I clicked on the option to purchase a ‘Value Meal’, next it asked me veg/non-veg, next it asked me to pay Rs.600/-. I was not offered to select any seats too while making a payment! I was only asked to select either a veg or non-veg meal option.

    If I’m trusting your services in the best interest of the customer & doing advance booking for an in-flight meal, I should be offered a discount, rather than being over-charged! You are cheating customers Indigo!


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