There are 3 fare types that you can choose from when making a flight booking on Jetstar: Starter, Plus Bundle and Max Bundle. Starter fares do not include meals, however Plus and Max Bundles will include a meal/snack or an inflight voucher that you can use to make purchases inflight. For further information on how the inflight vouchers work check here.

You can check the Inflight Feed review of Jetstar economy class meals on international services here! 


The Jetstar cafe menu is offered on domestic flights within Australia, and services from Australia to New Zealand. The selection includes fresh sandwiches, snacks, confectionery, soft drinks, fruit juices, beer, wine and spirits, you can check out the latest menu below.


Flights operated by Jetstar Airways (JQ) meals must be pre-purchased as they are not available for sale onboard flights.  Pre-purchased meals will include one hot and one cold non-alcoholic drink with every meal service. You can pre-order your meals through the ‘manage my booking’ function on the Jetstar site.

Jetstar Business Class menu information can be found right here.


On Jetstar Airways (JQ) international flights only credit card payments are accepted, whilst Jetstar Asia (3K) and Jetstar Japan (GK) international flights cash and credit card are accepted. On Jetstar Pacific (BL)  international flights it’s cash only, same with domestic flights in Vietnam.

On domestic flights in Australia, New Zealand and Japan both cash and credit car are accepted.

Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards are accepted on all flights where credit cards are accepted.



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