Malaysia airlines meals options include a range of special meals as well a pre-order range of meals for business and first-class passengers. Additionally economy class passengers can also pre-order and pay to upgrade their inflight meals! All meals on Malaysia Airlines are halal and prepared in strict compliance with these requirements. You can view the Inflight Feed review of Malaysia Airlines business class dining between KL and New Delhi right here.


Passengers in economy class have the option to pre-order a range of celebratory cakes for Honeymoons, Birthdays, Anniversaries or Weddings at a cost of MY250.


Passengers need to order their special meals at least 24 hours prior to departure however they are not offered on flights less than one hour. To book your special meal head to the airlines website, check with your travel agent or call their reservations department in your country.

Hindu Meal, Muslim Meal, Kosher Meal (Not available on select flights from India, Middle East, Taiwan and ASEAN), Bland Meal, Diabetic Meal, Gluten Intolerant Meal, Low Calorie Meal, Low Fat Meal, Low Lactose Meal, Low Salt Meal, Vegetarian Vegan Meal, Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal, Vegetarian Hindu Meal,Vegetarian Oriental Meal, Vegetarian Jain Meal, Fruit Platter Meal, Vegetarian Raw Meal, Child Meal, Baby Meal, Seafood Meal, Special Meal.


Passengers in First and Business class can use the Chef on Call service which is exclusive to passengers in First Class and Business Class. Chef On Call is available on flights from Kuala Lumper to London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Auckland, Istanbul, Incheon, Beijing, Shanghai, Narita, Osaka and Hong Kong.

Passengers are able to select from a range of 25 meal options consisting of Malaysian favourites, Chef’s Recommendations, Light Choice and Healthy Choice. For passengers who travel frequently there are monthly special menus that ensure you won’t get bored of the same meal choices!

Bookings can be made through reservations or through the Malaysia Airlines website note that you are required to give at least 24 hours notice for your order. For further info check here

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