Pegasus airlines inflight meals are not included in the price of some airline tickets. The airline which is based in Istanbul offers a buy on board menu and a large range of pre-order meals. There are three different fare levels which may or may not include airline food in the price of your ticket. Passengers booking “Essentials” tickets will not receive any meals or drinks. Passengers booking “Advantage” fare levels will receive a sandwich and a drink, whilst passengers who book “Extras” fare levels will receive hot meals and drinks on international flights and sandwiches and drinks on domestic flights.

You can read about our inflight meal experience with Pegasus Airlines here.


Pegasus offers passengers the choice of 15 different inflight meal options which can be pre-ordered when booking your ticket online. Meals must be pre-ordered at least 24 hours prior to departure and start from only €5.00! Pre-order inflight meal options include Sushi, Grilled fillet steak, chicken schnitzel, hot breakfast trays, salads and kids meals just to name a few!

On all flights, they also offer the Pegasus Cafe Menu, where passengers who did not pre-book any meals can purchase a vast range of fresh food options, snacks and drinks.


Pegasus Airlines Menu

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  • Adan Wong

    Flying from Kayseri to Istanbul (SAW). I ordered a roasted chicken leg meal which was served with vegetables and rice, a warm roll, salad with beans and chocolate cake with whipped cream. A package of Do & Co olive oil dressing with lemon was provided on the tray along with salt and pepper packets. Meal cost was 24.98 TRY and beverage of choice was included.

  • Adan Wong

    I ordered a “Cold Breakfast Tray” which consisted of fresh seasonal fruit, cheese with tomatoes, chopped pistachios and chives, oatmeal with a piece of grapefruit, and roll with butter and cherry jam. Hot tea or coffee was included. The price was 16.98 TRY. Service was efficient if not overly friendly and I received my meal right after take off.

    • Adan Wong

      Sorry, correct date should be – 18 NOV 2012 – . I typed too fast.