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Remember when we reported a few weeks ago about the new meal options and salads available on Scandinavian Airline SAS? We just had to take a flight with SAS to sample the new salads so we took a flight from Copenhagen to Düsseldorf on SAS flight number 1621. Enjoy!


First up don’t be shocked if you don’t receive free airline meals on flights within Europe when flying with SAS. They don’t provide free meals to passengers who purchase Go fares instead they offer a range of meals and snacks available for purchase. The range includes Salads, Breakfast items and Wraps, as well as Sweet and Savoury Snacks, and for those interested you can view the menu right here.


On today’s’ flight, the Salad Option is the Pork Fillet Spelt Salad with Garlic Cream and to wash it down we purchase a Strawberry, Banana and Guava Fruit Smoothie. The salad is nice, fresh and crisp which is great especially for an inflight salad and the Fruit Smoothie is delicious. Just make sure you ask for ice with the smoothie as the drinks are served at room temperature. Salads will vary depending on your flight and you may come across salads such as Chicken Caesar Salad, Pasta Salad Tuna with Broccoli and Beetroot or the Smoked Salmon Roasted Roots with Dill Cream salad.



For those visiting from outside Europe, you may find that the prices of meals and snacks pricey. Our salad set us back €9 whilst the smoothie was €3 we feel that for airline food it’s pretty reasonable and on par with what other airlines are charging for meals inflight. Perhaps the salad just needed a little more dressing as some parts of it were a little dry as the garlic cream is not easy to spread around.


Would we dine with SAS at 35,00ft again? We would. We loved their more ‘experienced’ cabin crew and the food menu for European services offers some great options compared to other inflight meal offerings. Just a tip if you are really hungry ask the cabin crew before they start the service to save you a salad as the number of salads on each flight is limited.

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