Scoot airlines food options may or may not be included in the ticket price, depending on the fare level you purchase. All hot meals are halal certified on Scoot Airlines. Snack options include Cup noodles, chocolates, peanuts, fruits, potato chips and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream! Passengers in economy class can pre order a range of premium meals only available online and include options such as: Singapore Signature Chicken Rice, Nasi Lemak with Chicken and Fish Cake, Scoot Exclusive Dry Laksa or Braised Chicken with Rice.

Click here to read our review of the Scoot Biz meals, it’s a few years old now but still relevant!


Passengers travelling on FlyBagEat airfares have meals included in their ticket price, if you decide not to include your meal at the time of booking you may purchase items from the inflight menu. There is also a pre-order a range of premium meals which start at SGD$21.99. Hot meals, sandwiches, and snacks form part of the menu options.

Tip: Adding a drink and a dessert to your meal as part of the combo meal option will cost you less than purchasing them separately. Check here for further information.


Passengers travelling in the Scoot Biz cabin have meals included in their ticket price, however, the amount of meals served will depend on where you are flying to and from. The meals served in Scoot Biz are exactly the same as economy class meals.




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  • A Tan

    2nd picture…..the soy sauce chicken rice.
    Looks yummy especially when you are hungry!

  • A Tan

    Try again……

  • A Tan

    I posted about the soya sauce chicken rice earlier but was unable to upload the picture. Here is it.
    It was a decent meal.

  • A Tan

    Chicken focaccia was awful!
    The meat was tasteless, cold and the bread was thick and with each bite it crumbled.
    I think it will be better to replace the focaccia with normal white bread or whole meal bread with more veggies. Anyway i had the cupnoodles $5 as back up. There was also ben and jerry ice cream $3.

  • A Tan

    The soya sauce chicken was piping hot!
    Taste was decent.

  • This was an inflight snack. Ok, I’m not going to beat around the bush. I LOVE Panda biscuits! They are a perfect inflight snack; sweet and fulfilling. I had this right before landing in Singapore from the Gold Coast.
    One thing that I wish I chose against was the cappuccino. It was a powdered packet and was AWFUL! All in all, this was $8 SIN($4 each), so it wasn’t a waste. Please better coffee!

  • I was really alright with the selection of food on the menu. We took advantage of an upgrade from FlyBag to ScootBiz, but the menus are the exact same. The food is tasty, but loaded with salt. It was quite moreish. Choosing the chicken biryani with a Singapore Sling it was perfect to gear myself up for the food sensation in the city.
    The problem I have is that it totally looked like a TV dinner. Terribly. There was no pride in presentation at all.
    I did love the options for flavored iced tea cans. Nice touch.