A quick hop from London to Madeira with Thomson gave us the opportunity to test out the latest inflight meals available. Thomson is a charter/leisure airline that is part of the TUI Group, they include meals on all long haul flights (7 hours or more!) however on flights across Europe passengers can purchase a range of hot and cold meal options if they wish.


The Thomson current inflight menu can be viewed hereInflight meal offerings on Thomson include options such as: Pasta, Chunky Chips, Five different snack boxes and a range of toasted/fresh sandwiches. It’s actually a very good range!


The flight from London to Madeira left Gatwick at around 9am so it was a bit too early for chunky chips but we decided on:

Bacon Ciabatta Roll and the Afternoon Tea Snack Box (to sample later on).

The afternoon snack box is fantastic it includes a fresh scone, clotted cream, gourmet Bonne Maman jam, a deluxe chocolate from Monty Bojangles, Marshfield caramel shortbread and it comes in a great box. Cost £4.00

The bacon ciabatta hits the spot in the morning, a lot better than a similar offering on easyJet but just make sure that you ask the crew for some tomato sauce or brown sauce to go with it. Makes it all even better. Cost £4.00

On the flight from Maderia to London we were faced with many of the usual inflight offerings but then heard the cabin crew offering fish and chips, and since it was lunch time it seemed like a great idea.

Fish and chips! ? Thomson Airways. #inflightfeed #thomsonairways #planefood #airplanefood

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Beer battered Fish and Chips the perfect offering on British bound flight, whilst the offering was small it was good. The chips weren’t that crunchy (they aren’t normally at 35,000ft) but the cod was quite tasty. Just don’t forget the tomato sauce or vinegar. Cost £4.00. 

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