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As part of a recent trip to India I flew with a number of India based airlines to check out exactly what is being offered to passengers inflight. This time I flew with Vistara a new entrant to the Indian aviation market part owned by the Singapore Airlines group. The airline offers business, premium economy and economy on routes across India, and they’re well known for providing first class hospitality in all cabin classes. Business Class passengers will be provided with quality inflight meals served on linen and bone china tableware. In premium economy passengers are offered meal trays and in economy passengers will be offered hot meals served in boxes. Note that hot meals are served on flights usually above 1 hour, cold refreshments are offered on shorter flights.

My flight would take me from Mumbai to Delhi and I decided to book premium economy to see how the service and inflight meal offerings were like. Prior to departure the cabin crew distributed this tetra pak coconut drink which was quite refreshing and a hot towel was offered too. v1


Passengers travelling in premium economy on Air Vistara will receive a more enhanced meal than those in economy class, the usual choicse of vegetarian or non vegetarian meals are offered. I decided on the Southern Indian vegetarian choice: Spinach pancakes with tomato upma and sambas, served with fruit and a pastry.






The service onboard was definitely top notch, the crew were friendly and really helpful. The meal itself was delicious and you can see that the airline has thought about trying to make the premium economy meal experience that little more ‘premium’. A great airline to fly, great service and meals and wouldn’t hesitate to fly them again.

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