I spent a lot of time this year on the Greek Islands and was always flying out of Athens or Corfu to travel around so the logical choice was to always use one of my favorite airlines in Europe. Aegean! Over the last 12 months the airline has been investing in new lounges, and introduced a new business class service called Gastronimics. Economy class hasn’t changed that much, but they’re still handing out delicious Greek inspired dishes for free in economy class, which is a bit of rarity these days when flying around Europe.

In this review/rundown of Aegean I will cover domestic economy/business, international economy and business class offerings plus the new lounges in Athens. I hope you enjoy! Looking back over all these photos I have just realised how much food I’ve eaten on Aegean, my goodness.


I visited Newrest the airlines caterer in Athens in the summer of 2017 for the Inflight Food Trip documentary, here I was able to get a look and some of the menus that they created for Aegean.aegean.catering.athens.newrest2 copyDepening on where you are flying to/from Aegean will serve your meal on a tray or on shorter flights you will receive a boxed meal concept.aegean.catering.athens.newrestIn business class on international services it’s always a tray servce concept, but the meals will vary depending on flight duration, you can see more of my inflight meal experiences in Aegean business below.aegean.domestic.businessDomestic flights in Greece are very short, sometimes as short as 35mins, so in order to keep it easy for the crew and still deliver something these meals are offered.


On Greek domestic services Aegean are still offering a range of drinks and snacks for free (Note that on International flights from Kalamata, Heraklion, Rhodes and Corfu you can purchase a limited range of alcoholic drinks for a fee). You’ll get a typically Greek snack/sweet product plus a choice of drinks.aegean.domestic.economyOn International services expect a small snack box or meal tray service consisting of typically Greek traditional items. Local ingredients where possible with authentic Greek receipes, yes even in economy class the meals can be fantastic on Aegean.y.class.ath mad

International Economy Class Breakfast- Cheese pie and yoghurt

October 2018 Brussels to Athens, Pasta.



I’ve flown Aegean business many times, and the food is just fantastic. It really is. Here’s just some of my favorite meals I’ve eaten on Aegean over the last 12 months or so. I’ll start with the newest ones first as the airline launched the new Gastronomics program in business class, to be honest I didn’t notice that much of a difference. The meals are still amazing, maybe slightly better too. The airline is now working with three esteemed chefs from Greece until the end of 2018, those chefs are: Lefteris Lazarou, Stelios Parliaros and Konstantinos Lazarakis.Athens to Madrid October 2018, what a breakfast!

So this fluffly little pancake ensemble was probably the best business class breakfast I’ve had in a really long time. Before take off I had taken a picture of the menu and put together a story on Instagram, I then asked people to vote on what I should have for breakfast on this flight. The pancakes won, and I’m really glad that they did. I did not expect the pancakes to be so fluffy, and they paired well with the Anthotyro Greek cheese and the very delicious caramelised strawberries. Awesome breakfast.


Pretty much the exact same menu as Stuttgart to Athens in July of 2018 (coming up!) so I chose a different main meal this time. For my main meal I had the beef with tomato sauce and gnoccheti. Great thing about this meal is that it was served very hot, the pasta was not dry at all, and the beef was very tender. A great lunch, couldn’t fault it.gastronomics3Stockholm to Athens main mealgastronomics2Stockholm to Athens 2018aegean.starter.Stuttgart to Athens July 2018 Entreeaegean business class mealStuttgart to Athens mainnew.aegean.conceptDessert: Stuttgart to Athens

Over the summer I flew Aegean quite a lot, and I ended up having the above salad item twice. It was a Shrimp salad for a starter and ”Summer Style” chicken with eggplants from Santorini for the main course. For dessert Galaktompoureko! Whilst the main dish doesn’t present well, it did taste great, and wasn’t too heavy. The shrimp salad was nice, and I felt that they did not skimp on the shrimps at all. As always dessert on Aegean is always on point.

New printed menus are presented as part of the Gastronomics concept in business class and they look like this. The only thing that I have noticed as a big change is the dessert service, previously you received an assortment of desserts, now it’s just the one choice. First world problems I know….gastronomics aegean inflight menuGastronimics menu

The following photos are prior to the launch of Gastronomics in May 2018.Athens to Paris December 2017main.meal aegean airlinesChicken with pasta and tomato sauce.

Athens to Paris October 2017

The above instagram post is pretty self explanatory, I really loved the plating of the entree. It was perfect.

Onto another flight this time Brussels to Athens in October 2017, I mean look at this entree. The colors just pop.


Grilled vegetables with Domokos cheese.


Veal fillet with her butter, baby potatoes and green beans wrapped in turkey bacon.

Seriously, such a great meal, the veal wasn’t dry at all, perfectly cooked and not tough. I was surprised at how juicy the meat was.aegean dessertGreek desserts.aegea.breakfastThessaloniki to Dusseldorf breakfast

A quick hop from Thessaloniki to Dusseldorf in September 2017, and I received this Asparagus omelette with veal sausage, fresh fruit and yoghurt. Yet another fantastic business class meal tray on Aegean.mousakka Look at that Moussaka! Paris to Athens June 2017

Is that not the biggest piece of Moussaka you have ever seen? Plus a delicious entree salad of Tuna fish with asparagus and potato.


In December 2017 Aegean re-opened their lounge in Athens after renovations, the space is more modern, provides more seating and they enhanced the food and drink offerings considerably. There is still no proper hot food options, but this really doesn’t bother me as I feel their onboard meals make up for this. It’s great to see Aegean providing some new options like fresh salad, freshly pressed juices and much more. Here’s some photos of the Schengen lounge.aegean.lounge3



Aegean also opened up a non Schengen lounge in the A gates section of Athens airport. I visited this lounge a few times over the summer in July/August, and in the early mornings it was very quiet! There’s a fantastic Nespresso machine, and the food options are pretty much the same, lots of seating too.







I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Aegean are fantastic ambassadors for Greece. I love how they highlight Greek products throughout your travel experience where possible. It’s a nice welcome home for those who are Greek and coming back to their homeland, and a fantastic way for visitors to Greece to experience Greek hospitality before they touch down in Greece.

I hope you get to fly Aegean soon.

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