Air Baltic is one of my favourite airlines in Europe, they’re a small boutique airline that focus on customer experience, and most importantly they have a strong focus on their inflight meals. This review is from a flight from April 2017; I just haven’t had time to get around to writing it, been too busy. I was lucky enough to fly on their new C Series aircraft which was just fantastic to fly on; my flight was from Riga to Frankfurt. I was in Riga to film an interview with some key staff members from Air Baltic for my airline food documentary. Air Baltic sponsored the flights. I’ll show you economy class pre-order and business class meals, I was lucky enough to be in business class. However, I did ask the airline to show me their latest economy class dishes to get a review of those also.


For economy class customers you have the option to pre-order a meal for a fee from their amazing online pre-order meal system. Passengers can select what they want on their tray from a myriad of options. It’s great fun to use. The below meal was Pork medallions with grilled vegetables, served with a salmon salad and cheesecake for dessert. For an economy class meal, it was very delicious, and excellent quality.


In business class, I was served a smoked trout and cucumber cheese salad, the main was a beef goulash with bulgur and vegetables, for dessert it was a Panna cotta with raspberry sauce. I loved the clean design of the meal tray, the branding and most importantly the meal. It is a level above what other airlines in Europe are offering on similar timed flights. Until next time Air Baltic! 🙂

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