Air Italy offers complimentary meals and drinks on flights depending on the length of your trip. See below for further details depending on your cabin class and what type of flight you are taking.


For domestic flights within Italy and short European flights (around 3-4 hours) expect a refreshment service, and depending on your flight time a snack/cold meal service too. On more extended European and long-haul flights, a hot meal service is offered. On overnight long haul routes expect a dinner service followed by a breakfast service before landing, while on day flights expect a main meal service and a snack service before arrival. Main meal choices will typically offer at least two options.

For an example economy class menu check here.


Can be ordered at least 48 hours before departure. Options include vegetarian meals, and on medium and long-haul flights Kosher meals can be ordered.

For all meal requests, contact their contact centre directly right here.



Expect a welcome drink service, breakfast or snacks of your choice depending on the time of day plus, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


Air Italy recently introduced a new dine on-demand inflight service for business class customers. There’s modern contemporary tableware, cutlery and chinaware. The new dine-on-demand service allows passengers to choose from an extensive à la carte menu, and tailor their dining experience to suit them.

Onboard expect welcome drinks of Champagne, Orange Juice or an Air Italy signature mocktail. The meal options onboard include a choice of two appetisers, a first course, three main meal options, then a cheese plate, fruit and dessert.

Inflight snacks will include pizza, focaccias, and ice cream on flights over nine hours.


Sambuca Molinari, Amaro Ramazzotti ,Grappa Bianca, Four Rouses Bourbon Whiskey ,Gordon’s Gin, Absolute Vodka ,Limoncello Villa Massa,Mirto Zedda Piras.

Poretti and Carlsberg beers. 

Tonic water, Ginger Ale, Pepsi Cola, Pepsi Cola light, Iced Tea, Fruit juices.

Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino.

Aperol soda, Campari soda, Spritz, Negroni, Americano, Gin tonic, Vodka tonic, Gin fizz, Bourbon, Ginger Ale, Whiskey and Cola.

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