For some passengers Air New Zealand inflight food options may or may not be included in your ticket and will depend on the type of airfare that you have purchased. This is mainly relevant to services from New Zealand to Australia, the Pacific and Honolulu. For all other flights, passengers can enjoy meals no matter what they paid for their airline ticket.

Air New Zealand offers complimentary tea, coffee and water to everyone, regardless of the product option you have chosen. If you have purchased a Seat and Seat + Bag fare level, you can buy packaged snack foods like sandwiches, potato chips, cheese & crackers and chocolate bars from the menu.

All items for purchase, along with soft drinks, beer, wine & spirits, are ordered through the seat-back entertainment system. You can view the selection on your screen, and purchase items by swiping your credit card (cash is not accepted on board) through the system to place an order, once ready it is delivered to your seat!

If you do not have a credit card, you can purchase vouchers at the airport that can be used to pay for items from the In-flight Bites Menu. Below you will find the A320 and Boeing 767 inflight menu! For further information on meals check here.


Business class customers may order from the range of special long-haul meals listed below.

Works or works deluxe passengers can order a child meal, gluten-free or Vegetarian (vegan or non-dairy) special meal on these flights.


Economy and business class customers may order the following special meals.

Baby/Infant, Child, Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo, Vegetarian Vegan, Vegetarian Hindu, Vegetarian Oriental, Vegetarian Jain Gluten Intolerant, Diabetic, Kosher Meal, Moslem Meal, Hindu Meal, Low Fat Meal and Fruit Platter.

For more information regarding special meals on Air New Zealand click here.


Sample inflight menu below, for the latest version head here!

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