Air Serbia has recently (April 2018) changed their onboard catering to include a paid meal and drink service in economy flights across Europe. The new Elevate Deli and Bar service allow passengers to purchase items on trips up to 3 hours in length, with payments in cash with Serbian dinars or Euros or with Mastercard, Visa and American Express. Air Serbia has three different fare levels when buying your ticket: White, Red and Blue. If you purchase the cheapest ticket the ‘White’ fare, you will need to purchase items from the onboard menu. Red and Blue fare types include a refreshment.

The Elevate program will offer:

Sweet and savoury snacks.
Fresh meals and desserts- Only on flights of 80 mins or longer.
Drinks including wine, beer, spirits, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea.

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Should be ordered no later than 24 hours before departure. Contact the airline here to book your special meal. Note that special meals are only available on Belgrade to New York flights only. Granted the airline does offer an excellent selection of special meals.

Hindu meal (non vegetarian), Orthodox Christian Lenten Meal prepared with oil, Vegetarian Jain meal, Orthodox Christian Lenten Meal prepared with water, Halal meal, Orthodox Christian Lenten Meal containing fish, Kosher Meal, Asian vegetarian meal, Lacto-ovo vegetarian meal, Vegetarian meal, Low fat/ Low cholesterol meal, Low calorie meal, Diabetic meal, Bland meal, Non-lactose meal, Gluten-free meal, Seafood meal, Raw vegetable meal, No fish meal, Meal without salt, Fruit platter, Child meal, Baby meal,

Check here for additional special meals information.


Click on the menu below to view it entirely. Displayed is the 80min+ menu offering.

air serbia onboard menu