Air transat meals are included in the price of your airline ticket on flights to/from Europe whilst flights to southern destinations and USA will offer a buy on board service. For Club Class passengers all meals are included and further information can be read below. Payments by MasterCard, Visa or American Express only!


As of May 1, 2017, Economy Class and Option Plus passengers on transatlantic flights can enjoy items from the Bistro! menu which is shown below, free of charge. You will receive items such as: A choice of three hot sandwiches, served with orzo salad on flights between Canada to Europe and on flights from Europe to Canada you will receive a choice of hot dishes.

You can upgrade your inflight meal on Air Transat flights by paying a fee of CA$25 for the Chef’s Menu by Daniel Vézina, which offers you bread with butter, a cheese plate with crackers, a glass of wine and dessert. It can be pre-ordered for flights to/from Europe, to the South, the United States and within Canada (longer than three hours) or can be purchased directly on board.

You can pre order from 60 days to 48 hours before departure.


Buy on board service, see inflight menu below.


Passengers can expect welcome cocktails, a choice of wines, complimentary beverages and snacks, and, of course, a choice of gourmet meals. Meals are now created by Daniel Vézina who is one of Quebec’s most renowned chefs. He is the owner of Laurie Raphaël restaurants in Quebec City and Montreal. For further information on these please check here.


Special meals on Air Transat can be booked during the booking process or by contacting the reservations department. Meals require at least 72 hours notice and can not be booked on North American services, not all special meals listed below are available, so it’s best to contact the reservations team. You can check the latest information on special meals right here.

Diabetic Meal, Gluten Free Meal, Kosher Meal, Hindu, Muslim Meal, Child Meal (Only available on flights to/from Europe), Vegetarian (No Dairy), Vegetarian (Dairy),  Asian Vegetarian, No Lactose,  Low Sodium, Low Cholestrol, Low Far, Low Calorie.



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