Aircalin meals are included in the price of your ticket regardless of what you paid for your airfare. Customers travelling on long-haul routes in Hibiscus class (business class) can enjoy a full meal service or the option to use the express meal service for a quicker/lighter lunch or dinner experience.

Expect Champagne as an aperitif on most economy class flights with Air Calin all flights offer a drinks service followed by breakfast, refreshment or hot meal service.

Since June 1, 2018, the airline is now offering a range of premium upgrade meals for economy class passengers, and these meals look fantastic.


The following special meals can be ordered on Air Calin flights up to 48 hours before departure.

Children’s meal
Diabetic Meal
Gluten-free meal
Kosher meal
Low-calorie meal
Low salt and sodium meal
Muslim meal
Low lactose meal
Vegan meal
Vegetarian meal

Gluten-free meals are not available from Papeete & Kosher meals are not available from Papeete and Nandi.

To order these meals, it’s best to contact your travel agent or request the meal right here.


Air Calin offers passengers in economy class the option to upgrade their inflight meal experience to another level. There are six inflight meal options that you can upgrade to, depending on where you are flying to and from.

Gourmet Breakfast

On flights from Noumea and Papeete that serve breakfast, you can choose this meal. It includes a hot meal, a bento box, a baguette and a selection of jams, New Caledonian honey, breakfast pastry and a juice/hot drink.

Japanese Delights

If flying from Japan to Noumea you can order this Japanese Delight menu which is served in a bento box. It includes a hot meal and dessert.

Gourmet cold Deli platter

If flying from Brisbane you can order this meal offering which includes a cold Surf n Turf offering, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers and dessert.

Hamburger Menu

This is available on most flights and includes a hamburger as well as a dessert/cheese and snacks.

Fresh Menu

An entree, large salad, and fresh fruit salad as a dessert are offered as part of this meal.

Upgrade meals for economy class passengers are available on flights over 3.5 hours where a lunch or dinner service is served. They start from EUR13 (AUD 19) and are available for pre-order on Air Calin operated services only up to 48 hours before departure.

To order simply go here.