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Please note there will be limited food and beverage options due to the current situation. It will depend on your flight length and destination. It’s recommended that you bring your own water bottle to fill up at the airport after passing through TSA Checkpoints. If you have any dietary requirements it’s best to take your own snacks. Inflight tablet rental will be suspended, however, you can still use your own device to stream free movies and tv shows, more info here.

For flights under 350 miles, there is no inflight service offered.

Pre-order meals

First Class passengers on select flights over 2 hours can pre-order meals on flights (subject to availability) by using the Alaska app or online at

Meals available for pre-order in first-class include the Signature Fruit and Cheese Platter (on flights over 2 hours). The pre order service is due to launch in premium class and main cabin soon.

Flights over 350 Miles

Main Cabin

Beverage offered will include Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Orange Juice, Starbucks coffee (on request after 10am) Teavana teas, Dasani water.

Premium Class

As above, plus a limited range of alcoholic drinks including Fremont Brewing Lush IPA, Golden Pilsner, Broken Eart Red Blend and House Wine Rosé.

First Class

Same drink offering as premium class with the addition of snacks including a deli picnic pack or a tapas picnic pack (which is also gluten-free and vegan).


Alaska airlines food options are not included in the price of main cabin ticket holders you can, however, buy a range of quality meals and snacks depending on your flight time. Complimentary non-alcoholic drinks, as well as small snacks, are served on most flights. If you like you may purchase items from the airline’s inflight menu which can be viewed right here. The airline offers a new seasonal food menu in the main cabin, Alaska airlines spent a year researching, hosting tastings with passengers and crew and came up with the new concept that will offer fresh and local ingredients.

Expect to see items featuring seasonal fruit, artisan bread and cage-free eggs. Onboard purchases may be made with any Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card. (Debit and gift cards are accepted too). Passengers in Alaska without credit/debit cards can buy $6 vouchers at ticket counters in Alaska.

You can view the latest Alaska Airlines review here.

Breakfast is served on flights departing between 6 am, and 10 am with a flight duration over 3 hours. Lunch and dinner are served on flights over 3 hours, departing between 10 am and 8 pm.

Pre Order Meals

Passengers in the main cabin can pre-order a meal for their upcoming Alaska Airlines flight by using the airlines’ app. You can select your meal from two weeks up to 12 hours before departure. You can order your meal by going to the Trips section of the app and selecting your upcoming flight.

Regional Flights

Beer and wine are free on Horizon Air Q400 services, but this service is not available on Skywest or Horizon Air E-175 aircraft. Expect to see wine and beers from California, Alaska, and the Pacific Northwest.


Premium Cabin

Since November 2016 the airline launched their new Premium Cabin space where you will receive complimentary enhanced snacks, as well as cocktails, wine and beer, included.

First Class

First-class meals have also been revamped recently. Meal options in the past have included brioche French toast with rhubarb thyme compote, maple syrup and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Dinner may consist of options such as miso ginger beef with mesclun mix, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and ginger vinaigrette.

New snack baskets will also supplement meals or replace existing snacks. All meals will offer fresh, seasonal produce such as berries, arugula and leeks to support healthier and more sustainable foods that help local companies. Brands such as Roons, a bakery in Portland,  Sweet Lady Jane, a bakery in Los Angeles and Cucina Fresca, based in Seattle are collaborating with the airline.

First Class Pre Order

You can pre-order your meal in First class on most Boeing and Airbus flights over 3.5 hours, the airline began this service in 2019. You will have a choice of two main dishes, or you can order the Alaska Airlines Signature Fruit and Cheese platter.

Order your First Class meal from two weeks up to 24 hours before departure. You can order your meal by going to the trips section of the Alaska Airlines app and selecting your upcoming flight. On the detail screen of your flight scroll down and press Food Menu. Menu items that you can pre-order for your flight will be displayed, select what you want, then click the arrow to confirm. Your food will be delivered to your seat during the inflight service.


Alaska Airlines do not cater to special meal requests in the main cabin. However, you can purchase the Mediterranean tapas picnic pack for $6 which is Vegan/Kosher/Gluten-free certified. Inside you will find Late July organic multigrain snack chips, Mario snack olives, Truitt Family Foods natural hummus, Madi K’s almonds, Vacaville Fruit Company snackins’ apricots, and Seattle Chocolate dark chocolate. Of course, this item is subject to availability.

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