What to expect when flying Austrian Airlines business class

Austrian Airlines Business Class Meal Tray

This flight was part of a 72-hour journey around the world flying with Air Canada, Japan Airlines, and Eva Air. It was the final leg of my trip, a quick 1.5-hour hop from Vienna to Paris. 

In economy class on European flights, Austrian does not offer free meals. Instead, passengers can pre-order or purchase meals inflight. The extensive menu offers some excellent Viennese options, such as Appel Strudel and the famous Weiner schnitzel (which you can see an old review of right here). 

As always, the products offered will depend on your flying time; for example, the schnitzel can only be ordered on flights over 80mins. 

Julius Meinl tea, coffee, and other well-known Austrian brands feature heavily on the inflight menu.

Fresh food options include sandwiches and wraps. It’s a great looking buy on board menu for economy-class passengers. 


I arrived in Vienna with Eva Air from Bangkok and quickly found the Austrian Airlines lounge. 

Austrian airlines lounge entrance Vienna airport

Here I could refresh and relax; I took a shower and sampled the many food options available. The lounge offers some excellent food and drink options, including:


  • Fresh Fruit and Water Bar
  • Coffee station (Excellent coffee!)
  • Alcoholic Beverage station
  • Hot food stations


No pre-take-off drinks were offered; a bottle of water was found in my seat area. 15 mins after take off, the service began. 

The selection offered was ricotta-filled ravioli with asparagus and cherry tomatoes. The cabin manager offered the bread by hand, he then recommended a local Viennese wine to go with the meal and apologised for not having the correct wine glasses. I wouldn’t have known any better!

Austrian Airlines Business Class Meal Tray

For dessert, the famous chocolate mousse.

Real cutlery was offered, and I appreciate the attention to the more minor details. A tiny wooden clip is provided to attach the napkin to your clothing. Nice touch.

The main meal was delicious, and I can’t fault it. It was served piping hot and was delicious. The service finished about 30 minutes later, and before landing, the cabin was offered another round of drinks and a chocolate treat. 

Do&Co provides catering services to Austrian Airlines and many other airlines, including Turkish Airlines. They are by far one of my favourite airline caterers; the quality, attention to detail, and taste of their food (even in economy class) are miles ahead of the competition.


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