I’ve flown with Bangkok Airways several times and am always pleased with the level of service on the ground and in the air. A big plus for economy class flyers is that the airline offers lounge access for all, entirely unheard of when flying in economy class on most airlines.

The Bangkok Airways boutique lounge is open from 0430 to 2200 daily and is located at Concourse A on Level 2 right near gate A3 at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi airport. Most Bangkok Airways domestic flights depart from gates close to this lounge, so it shouldn’t be a long walk to your gate.

The lounge was quite busy when I arrived, but I found a spot to sit down and decided to check out the food and beverage options.

bangkok airways domestic lounge

The most popular item on the menu is the Khao Tom Mud, sticky rice with black bean that’s wrapped in a banana leaf. Just make sure that you unwrap the banana leaf before you eat it. These little parcels of joy are usually made with only a few ingredients, and the process typically involves soaking the rice, then cooking the rice with coconut milk and sugar, the stuffing and wrapping process and finishing with steaming.

There’s also sandwiches, popcorn, muffins and more, plus the usual tea/coffee/soft drink offerings. I love the fact that all economy class travellers can access this lounge.

bangkok airways popcorn machine bangkok airways lounge food bangkok airways pastries on offer bangkok airways lounge food bangkok airways lounge

It wasn’t too long before I had to head to my gate, so I made the short walk over to the gate lounge and waited for boarding.

In February 2019 the airline launched a new inflight service product in economy class called “The street food concept”. The offering aims to provide authentic tastes of famous Thai street food inflight. Expect to see items such as Phad Thai with shrimps, Stir-fried chicken with basil leaves served with jasmine rice, Roasted duck noodles, Thai vermicelli with fish curry, Baked shrimps with glass noodles, Thai sweet egg-serpentine, Thai coconut jelly, Thai egg custard in pumpkin and Thai banana in coconut milk to name a few.

These food options are available on all Bangkok Airways flights (Domestic and International) originating from Suvarnabhumi Airport, Samui Airport and Phuket Airport.

My flight departed Bangkok on time at 0910; a hot meal service would not be offered on this flight. At the main meal times, Bangkok Airways will provide a hot meal service, outside of these times expect to receive a substantial snack/sandwich offering. If you want to enjoy a hot meal on such a short flight, you can pre-order a special meal, and the airline will provide you with a hot meal option.

Immediately after taking off the cabin crew moved through the cabin with their carts, offering everyone a croissant made by Gourmet Primo. It was a quality offering and full of turkey breast, cheese, mayonnaise and salad, they didn’t skimp on the filling at all.

In addition to the water on my meal tray, I could select from a range of non-alcoholic drinks.

bangkok airways inflight meal

The crew finished the service 25 mins after takeoff, and it wasn’t long before we started our descent into Phuket.

For the fare paid, I found this flight to offer great value, I received free lounge access, a decent inflight snack on such a short trip (just over 1 hour) and excellent customer service.

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