BMI regional meals are complimentary for passengers and include a complimentary bar service including Heineken Lager, Magner’s cider and Jack Daniels. Meal options will depend on the type of fare that you purchased; Executive customers will enjoy a hot meal with a complimentary bar. Soft drinks, tea and coffee, are also available.

Sale, Classic and ClassicPlus customers can enjoy complimentary bar and snacks.

Depending on the time of day, you will be served the following meals:


Is served between 6 -11 AM and consists of their Breakfast Box which contains pastries, croissants, a Granola breakfast bar or a Nairns Muesli biscuit.  Tea, coffee and juice will also be offered.


The signature Bistro Box will be served to passengers which include mini Chorizo sticks, green olives, houmous, savoury biscuits and chocolates.


The signature Well-Being Box is a healthy available to the Breakfast or Bistro Box and is available at all times. It contains nut, gluten and milk-free options that are suitable for passengers with allergies or those watching their calorie intake!


Are not available for order. However, if you do suffer from any allergies, it is best to contact the airline or advise the cabin crew onboard your flight.

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