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Economy Class

British Airways will offer a bottle of water and a small snack on short-haul flights from London Heathrow and Gatwick airport. Additional food products can be pre-ordered or purchased (limited stock) during your flight.

Pre Order

British Airways teamed up with Tom Kerridge, a Michelin-star chef in the United Kingdom, he has created a new menu to be served on board. He is known for his seasonal approach to cooking and his use of outstanding British products, in addition to being a restauranteur and author.

Tom designed the new line with a focus on British origins, and his famous sandwiches and a pie may be found in the Speedbird Café menu. Because the menu is not available for purchase onboard, you must pre-order your meal and drink from the Speedbird Café before flying.

If your flight departs from London, you must purchase food and drink at least 12 hours before to departure. Food and drink must be purchased at least 24 hours before departure for domestic UK flights into London. Food and drink should be purchased at least 30 hours before your trip for any other short-haul flights into London.


If you don’t pre order a meal, it is still possible to purchase a selection of hot and cold drinks and snacks on board. BA offer a new digital ordering system, you can now order from your mobile phone inflight and have your products delivered to your seat. You can view the onboard menu here.


British Airways meals are included in the price of your ticket. Main meals are normally served within two hours of take-off and then a smaller meal within two hours of landing time. If your flight is overnight, breakfast is offered. If your flight is less than 8.5 hours. a small snack is offered. 

Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are also free.

Meals are served based on your departure time:

Breakfast on flights leaving before 09:30

Brunch on flights leaving between 09:30 and 11:59

Lunch on flights leaving between 12:00 and 13:59

Afternoon Tea on flights leaving between 14:00 and 16:59

Dinner on flights departing after 17:00


If you are flying from London, the meals served to passengers in premium economy come from the business class cabin and for those passengers who are flying on Asian or African routes a locally inspired dish may be offered.

Premium economy class passengers can pre-order your meal by simply managing your booking on the BA website.

Most special meals require at least 24 hours notice. However, Kosher meals must be booked at least 48 hours before departure. (Except when departing London Heathrow)

Kosher meals are not available on flights to London from Bahrain, Bangalore, Beijing Cancun, Caribbean, Hyderabad, Incheon, Kuwait, Lima, Nairobi, Mauritius, Shanghai, Riyadh, Jeddah, San Jose (Costa Rica) Santiago.

Meals that can be ordered include:


Vegan vegetarian

Asian vegetarian





Child meal

Baby meal


Gluten intolerant

Low calorie

Low fat

Low salt

Low lactose

Order your special meal via the ‘Manage Your Booking’ function on the BA website here.


Passengers travelling in Club World on most flights can select their meal before their flight. Orders can be placed from 30 days up to 24 hours before your flight via the manage your booking function.

Long Haul

A new service concept was recently launched in Club World, which will see the cabin crew hand running most meals or using new carts. Expect to have your starter and the main meal ordered at the same time; there will be no more service trolleys in the cabin.

Starters and desserts are now chosen from the new carts in the cabin. Special meals are now delivered at the same time as everyone else’s meals. The airline is investing heavily in the inflight catering, so expect quality catering, especially from Heathrow from their partner Do&Co.

You can view sample menus from Club World right here.

Short Haul

Menus are now changed fortnightly with a focus on more British themed options. Expect to see Union Hand-Roasted coffee, Twinings Tea and other great British brands served in the cabin. For morning departures you will have the choice of up to three breakfast options including cured meats or smoked salmon, a hot English breakfast or a hot vegetarian breakfast.

Lunch and dinner will include an appetiser, main course choice and premium dessert. On shorter flights, you will have a choice of two fresh main course salads. Longer flights will offer three main course options ( two being hot offerings) and salad.


Passengers travelling in First on most flights can select their meal before their flight. Orders can be placed from 30 days up to 24 hours before your flight via the manage your booking function.

First Class passengers can also choose from express dining options and a la carte menus that are designed by leading chefs which include British favourites such as the English Breakfast.

For a sample, first-class menu check here.

Passengers flying First Class can indulge in the English tradition of Afternoon Tea. The selections onboard include sandwiches, cakes, pastries, scones and, of course, a specially created tea from Twinings. Concorde room dining is available for First Class passengers before departure, allowing you to dine before your flight to allow for sleep or more time to relax during your flight. This service is available at Heathrow Terminal 5 and New York JFK terminal.

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