Recently German based airline Condor (Part of the Thomas Cook Group) launched a new concept for economy class pre order meals on their European flights. The concept sees the removal of traditional meal trays in lieu of a more sleek and modern dining concept.

I flew from Stuttgart to Corfu (July 2018) and pre booked my meals when I paid for my ticket. Condor meals are not included for passengers who are travelling to Zones 1 and 2. These are:

Zone 1

Balearics, Balkans, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Italy, Spain & Portugal Mainland

Zone 2

Iceland, Canary Islands, Cape Verde & Madeira, Cyprus, Malta, Greece & Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Gambia & United Arab Emirates.


I was travelling with someone, so naturally I ordered them a meal too, in order to get a glimpse at another offering. Condor have created a new range of meals that take inspiration from countries around the world. Think: Italy, Sweden, Thailand, France and many more. It’s quite a nice concept actually. You can find more info on the meals right here.

Right after take off the cabin crew delivered our meals rather promplty. As you can see this is no tradtional meal tray, it’s a concept called Absolute One created by airline caterer Gate Gourmet. A similar concept is flying on Latam in South America, but it’s a slightly different design.

Included for all pre order meals on Condor are a bottle of water (still or sparkling!) plus a hot drink.

The meals that I pre ordered included the Austrian option (Schnitzel with potatoes) and the UK option (English Breakfast) both came with a side of dessert, an almond mousse with berries.

Feedback on the meals? They were great, I opted for the schnitzel option and it was quite tasty, and zesty thanks to the slice of lemon added in. My travelling partner loved his breakfast offering, there was quite a bit to eat and the quality was up there. Most importantly both meals were served piping hot! We both commented on how sturdy and thick the cutlery was, I know this sounds rather silly but inflight cutlery on some airlines can be quite flimsy.

Cost of the meals? The breakfast was priced at €9.99 and the schnitzel was €11.99, considering it includes a water and a hot drink from the onboard menu, it’s great value. Overall a really nice meal and a cool little concept. Well done Condor.

For those interested in looking at the concept more closely see the photos below.

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