Copa airlines meals will vary depending on your flight time snacks are served from 0000 to 0500, Breakfast from 0500-0900, Morning snacks from 0900-1100, Lunch from 1100-1500, an Afternoon snack from 1501 to 1800 and dinner from 1800-0000. P

Passengers can bring their food onboard should they wish to eat their own meals and snacks. For further information on their meal service inflight go here.


For flights under 2.5 hours, the airline will offer you a beverage and snack, and for flights over 2.30hrs, the airline will provide hot meals and drinks. Flight times over 5.30hrs will include an additional snack service.


Require 24 hours notice to order to guarantee your preferred meal type — either book through reservations or the manage your booking section on their website. Choices include Child Meal, Strict Vegetarian, Kosher, Fruit Plate.

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