Bewertung: Air India Economy Class

Frühstück in der Economy-Klasse von Air India

As part of a recent trip to India, I flew with Air India from Mumbai to Delhi and Delhi to Paris. Both flights were in economy class, I’d heard mixed reviews about the airline and was curious to find out more. Spoiler alert, keep your expectations low when flying the airline.


The vegetarian Indian breakfast option was quite similar to what I had on Jet Airways und Vistara a simple breakfast with a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian options. Service was prompt and friendlier than the long haul experience.

Frühstück in der Economy-Klasse von Air India


The first meal service offered vegetarian or non-vegetarian options, I opted for the Palak paneer with rice and vegetables, it came with a dessert and some vegetables.

Essen in der Economy Class von Air India

The meal was quite good and I had no complaints about it.

Air India Second Service Economy-Class-Mahlzeit

The second meal service was rather disappointing; it was a rock hard croissant served with a brownie and fresh fruit.

The croissant was difficult to chew and inedible, so I skipped it.

The crew on the domestic flight were friendlier than the long haul crew. The long haul crew were not overly helpful and more interested in spending time in the galley and talking. I’m not sure I would fly Air India again unless I had to.

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