Bewertung: Hong Kong Airlines Business Class Kurzstrecke

Essenstablett der Business Class von Hong Kong Airlines

I was impressed with the service and meal offering on this short hop from Taipei to Hong Kong with Hong Kong Airlines. The flight time was 1 hr and 20 mins and was operated by an A330 aircraft, I booked a business class ticket to experience the inflight service on the airline.

Even on such a short flight, I was offered a choice of two meals:

Chicken with Potatoes and Western Vegetables or Pork with Fried Rice and Vegetables.

Essenstablett der Business Class von Hong Kong Airlines

I opted for the pork which was served with a fruit salad, a chocolate mousse cake and the airlines signature cranberry cake. The cabin crew apologised for not having any inflight menus to distribute during the inflight.

Everything was delivered by hand, and no trolleys were present in the cabin during the service.

Hong Kong airlines business class pork dish

The cabin crew were very attentive and pleasant; nothing was a problem. The presentation of the meal tray was flawless; everything looked clean and crisp. The hot meal presented neatly; it was colourful and enticing.

My main meal was served rather cold, and I asked for the meal to be re-heated, the issue was resolved promptly a new hot meal was delivered promptly. I had a great experience on this short flight with Hong Kong Airlines and would gladly fly the airline again.

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