Thai Airways Opens Inflight Cafe

Thai Airways has opened an inflight restaurant operating on Wednesdays to Fridays from 7 am to 2 pm at their headquarters in Bangkok. The cafeteria has been transformed into a pop-up inflight cafe space, serving around 2000 inflight meals a day.

Before the pandemic, Thai Airways Catering was producing approximately 90,000 inflight meals daily at their inflight catering kitchen in Bangkok.

The Thai Airways Catering Facebook page announced the details and provided the following photos and videos of the space.


The airline installed ground handling stairs that passengers use to access the second-floor restaurant.

Passengers are even provided with boarding passes and welcomed by Thai Airways cabin crew and chefs.

Inside you’ll find airline seats (business and economy class) in the dining area, as well as spare plane parts and other airline memorabilia.

The airline also operates restaurants at many airports across Thailand, Inflight Feed recently featured the Phuket restaurant makeover.

Source: Thai Catering Facebook/Fox News

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