Egyptair meals are included in the price of your ticket. The airline runs its inflight catering kitchen that produces over 30,000 meals a day in Cairo. Egyptair meals are all classified as Halal, so there is no requirement for passengers to order a special meal for this.

Alcohol is not served on Egypt Air flights; there are reports that you if you bring your own alcohol onboard the cabin crew will provide you with cups and ice/lemon if required. It’s always best to check with the cabin crew first before deciding to drink your own alcohol on any aircraft; rules vary from airline to airline.


Diabetic meal, Hindu, Kosher, Seafood, Low Cholesterol/Low Fat, Child Meal, Baby, Muslim, Vegetarian. Can all be ordered online or through reservations at least 24 hours before departure.

For further information check here.

The airline cannot guarantee meals and snacks served on board are entirely free from traces of nuts or any allergens.