Uzbekistan Airways


Uzbekistan airways meals are included in the price of all tickets sold by the airline. Economy class passengers can expect to be served cold snacks, vegetable snacks, desserts, bread, hot drinks, soft drinks and alcohol (on select routes). The airline does not serve any pork products to customers inflight.

Items that have featured on the airline have included:

Cold snacks of meat and cheese products.

Hot meal options onboard are usually chicken or meat options.

Hot Drinks- Black/Green Tea, Coffee.

Drinks- Juice, Water, Soft Drinks, Wine, Beer, all subject to flight routings.


The following special meals can be pre-ordered by contacting the airline directly, most meals require at least 72 hours notice to order.

Asian Vegetarian, Indian, Muslim, Strict Vegetarian, Vegetarian (Dairy included), Vegetarian (No Dairy) and Kosher.

Further information can be found here aquí, to book your special meal contact the airline aquí.

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