Ethiopian airlines food options will depend on the route and time of day. Passengers will be served a hot meal or hot or cold snacks. All meals and drinks (including alcohol) are complimentary.


Passengers in Economy class will have a three-course meal together with their choice of drinks. Breakfast is usually one choice while Brunch will give passengers two dining choices, and lunch/dinner options will include three choices for customers.


Passengers flying Cloud Nine business class will have a more personalised inflight meal service with selections of meals from the ‘a la carte’ dining menu onboard. Ethiopian airlines offer business class customers the chance to try a local traditional dish of Injera which is a pancake style of bread. Further information and pictures can be located here.


It’s best to contact the airline or your travel agent directly to order your special meals. You can normally book special meals at the time of making your booking, if you have already booked, call the airline or email them.

Special meals that can be ordered on Ethiopian Airlines include: Asian Vegetarian, Bland, Diabetic, Fruit Platter, Gluten Free, Hindu Non-Veg, Kosher, Low Calorie, Low Fat, Low Salt, Muslim, No Lactose, No Salt, Vegetarian Raw, Seafood, Vegetarian Vegan

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