Eva Air – One of the Top Business Class Experiences?

Eva Air Business Class Breakfast

I’ve flown with EVA many times in economy and premium economy, but this was my first time testing out their business class. This flight was from Bangkok to Vienna during my 72 hours around-world journey with Air Canada, JAL, and Austrian Airlines.

Eva Air business class cabin

As soon as I stepped on board, I could tell the service would be polished and professional. The crew was friendly, welcoming, and happy to see passengers.

As I found my seat, a crew member came to introduce herself and offered me a pre-take-off drink. I opted for the champagne and was offered a pre-packaged refresher towel.

Eva Air Pre Take Off Champagne

Most of the other passengers had their food orders taken on the ground; however, the crew ran out of time and completed my order after take off.

Once airborne, the service began with the delivery of a Salvatore Ferragamo amenity kit and pyjamas by Jason Wu.

Here’s a look at the menu offered on this flight:

Eva Air Inflight Menu
Eva Air Inflight Menu Drinks
Eva Air Wine Menu
Eva Air Wine Menu

The first service began with an amuse bouche: Smoked salmon and a cream cheese/pistachio tart. I chose a white wine to accompany the appetiser.

Next up, the cabin crew dressed my tray table with a cloth, condiments, glassware, and cutlery.

The airline uses Luzerne tableware in their business class cabins (as well as their pre-order upgrade meal program for economy class customers). Luzerne is a Singaporean company with over 800 trained artisans who oversee the workmanship of each piece. The brand works with Daniel Boulud, Hakkasan, and Singapore Airlines.

The first course was a carrot and coriander soup which was delivered promptly and was delicious.

Of the three main course options, I opted for the prawn and smoked duck skewer garden salad. It was a smaller serving than I imagined, was plated well, and was fresh and delicious.

Here’s a look at the galley setup the crew made before the service.

For the final service, the fruit was the only option.

I then slept for about 6 hours.

Eva Air Business Class Cabin

Two hours before landing, breakfast was served. I ordered a carrot and fruit juice and was offered a pre-packaged refresher towel.

I opted for the Congee with an egg cake, steamed greens, and traditional side condiments.

Eva Air Business Class Breakfast

The traditional breakfast was lovely; I enjoyed all the condiments and creating my meal to my liking. Wherever possible, I try to sample the local option of the operating airline.

It was a fantastic flight, with outstanding service and attention to detail. EVA is up there with some of the best airlines in Asia. A comfortable bed, excellent food, comfy pyjamas, and great sleep!



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