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Get ready to see some seriously awesome inflight meals offered to children on the Hello Kitty Jets of Eva Air! This kids meal was one of my most liked pictures on instagram ever, and you can see from below why!

Whilst it was a little embarrassing for this grown man to be served these inflight meals, in the end I really didn’t care what the people near me thought of me.

It’s all part of research, and I’ll never see them again anyway. Now remember these meals are not normally served to adults, they are strictly for kids and it was a special order that I had to place with a contact that I know at Eva Air Catering (and their PR team! Thx).

You may find it difficult to order these if you’re an adult, but if you have kids travelling with you I highly recommend ordering these seriously awesome and fun meals. I think I can safely say that these meals are for sure the most fun and colorful that I have ever experienced inflight.




The Hello Kitty Jets run on a number of city pairs throughout the world, on this particular sector I was flying from Paris to Taipei (and then onto Tokyo andHawaii) and I was lucky enough to have booked a flight on the Hello Kitty Jet. If you would like more information on these flights head over to the Eva Air Hello Kitty Jet website right here. A few years back I flew the very first HK Jet from Paris to Taipei and you can check out that review right here.


I was flying in premium economy and therefore the menu offerings are of a better standard that economy class. Prior to the meal service the cabin crew distributed inflight menus, and pre meal drinks.

Yes, even the sick bag is covered in Hello Kitty’s face!

Pre meal drink and snack: Soda water and mixed nuts, notice the Hello Kitty napkin too?

Main meal options for this daytime flight included: Tomato Mozzarela salad with shrimps with a choice of Salt and Pepper Chicken or Green Curry Fish with pasta. Both meals were served with fruit and ice cream from Haagen Dazs.

But the real highlight of the first meal service was the delivery of my Hello Kitty kids meal. What a great looking meal tray, spaghetti with meatballs, potato salad, fresh fruit, chocolate brownie, crackers and juice. So much food for a child! I ended up eating this meal first, and then sampled the ‘normal’ menu afterwards. I always find the catering ex Paris to be of great quality, and all the meals served by Eva on this flight were very good indeed.


As always the crew were always on hand to offer water and juice throughout the flight, and there were snacks available to eat if you felt hungry. A few hours before landing in Taipei breakfast was served and the choices included a Chinese or Western style offering of: Tofu with Zucchini Cube, Dried shrimps with Choysam, Beef Congee and Fruit or A pancake with mornay sauce with pork sausage and potato cake. I also had an option of my second Hello Kitty Kids meal!

Beef congee, quite a delicious meal. 

Hello Kitty Breakfast – Omelette, sausage, tomato with fresh fruit, noodle salad and yoghurt. 


The Hello Kitty Jet experience is certainly one of the happiest flights you will ever take. I highly recommend taking one of these flights if you can, sure it might be a little over the top but it’s a lot of fun. If you’re a collector of things you should definitely ask the cabin crew for any HK branded items, if you’re lucky you might get some playing cards or something else.

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