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Repas en classe affaires KLM sur les vols européens

I flew numerous times with KLM this year, some flights in business class and others in economy, most of these flights were across Europe. However, I also flew between Singapore and Bali as part of my trip with Air France.

KLM still offer free meals in economy class, even in Europe, and on select long-haul flights, you’re able to upgrade your economy class meal for a fee and receive a fantastic pre-order meal. For further information on KLM meals, you can view the info page right ici.


The following business class breakfasts were inspired by the dishes of Michelin 2 star chefs Onno Kokmeijer and Arjan Speelman.

KLM inflight breakfast business class

Here is excellent offering on an early morning departure from Copenhagen to Amsterdam. A tasty yet straightforward offering of fresh fruit, curd cheese and fresh smoked salmon served with cucumber cream cheese. The tableware is stunning and lovely to see it being used even on short-haul flights.

Déjeuner à bord en classe affaires KLM

This Michelin inspired breakfast option from Amsterdam to Lisbon didn’t disappoint either, with a flight time of 2hrs and 40 mins a delicious hot meal was served on a much larger tray. The Leek frittata was paired with some delicious potatoes and tomato chutney, the cold platter of fenugreek cheese and the chicken breast was a great starter.


What a fabulous lunch and a colourful looking appetiser. This meal was served on a flight from Lisbon to Amsterdam; the main meal was chicken thigh in jus served with pearl barley risotto, green beans and pan-fried mushrooms. For dessert an orange mousse and chocolate ganache.

KLM inflight dinner business class

What an impressive meal to receive on an Intra European flight, vast amounts of food, excellent quality and most importantly, great tasting.

Repas en classe affaires KLM sur les vols européens

Finally, a meal I received on a flight between Singapore and Bali; a chicken satay with rice served with a side salad and a delicious passion fruit tart.


repas en classe économique klm sur les vols européens

Last but not least, in economy class, KLM’s sandwich boxes are offered on most short trips within Europe, on longer sectors within Europe expect to receive hot snacks or meals.

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