Critique : Vols européens de Norwegian Air

Repas de Norwegian Airlines à bord

I’ve flown on Norwegian many times in economy and premium economy on their long-haul routes. You can view these reviews ici et ici. This flight, however, was from Alicante to Munich which was operated by their Spanish based cabin crew and offered a typically Spanish inflight menu.

Norwegian offer different buy on board menus for each of their European bases, I think the options are good and love the fact that you can buy a hot meal inflight on a European flight.


Once I ordered my meal onboard, it took the cabin crew about 15 minutes to deliver it.

norwegian air meal
Repas de Norwegian Airlines à bord

The beef stroganoff with wild rice didn’t present so well; however, it made up for it in taste. It was served piping hot, and cost €12: €7 for the hot meal, €2 for the water and €3 for the fruit. I guess when compared to airport food prices the Norwegian product offers the same value as dining in the airport.

I had a pleasant experience flying low cost across Europe, the aircraft was clean, the service was great and the food was good.

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