Gate Gourmet Selling Airline Meals in Australia

Hot breakfast airline meals preparation for Swiss Airlines

Gate Gourmet one of the world’s biggest infight catering suppliers is selling frozen meals direct to the public in a recently announced initiative in Australia. The company is the sole service provider to Virgin Australia since June 2018 and provides catering services to several international airlines flying from Australia to Asia and the South Pacific.

Economy class meals that are prepared in inflight kitchens can be kept frozen for up to six months, sometimes even longer. With international travel to Australia currently off-limits to non-residents/citizens and drastic reductions in domestic flying, it’s an astute decision by the team at Gate Gourmet.

The assorted frozen meals (most likely the ones prepared for economy class) come in packs of 10 can be heated at home in a microwave for 2-4 minutes or baked in the oven at 160 degrees for around 15 minutes.

gate gourmet selling airline meals



A pack of 10 breakfast meals (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) for AUD$20 that’s just AUD$2 per meal.

gate gourmet frozen meals


A pack of 10 breakfast options as well as ten lunch/dinner options (total of 20 meals) for AUD$40.

gate gourmet selling airplane meals


Mixed lunch packs include ten meals for AUD$25.00 ($2.50) per meal and include vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

gate gourmet $2 airline meals


If you live in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth or Melbourne, you can order online and collect from your local Gate Gourmet facility as shown below.

gate gourmet perth meals
gate gourmet brisbane meals
gate gourmet melbourne meals
gate gourmet sydney meals

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