Repas hindou non végétarien


The HNML or Hindu Non-Vegetarian is a meal for people who follow Hindu custom. Meals are non-vegetarian and cooked Indian style. It’s one of those special meals that confuses a lot of people, people assume because it’s called Hindu that it’s vegetarian but the N stands for non-vegetarian.

Some airlines may offer a special vegetarian form of this, but this is not common. If you want an Indian type of meal that is vegetarian see if the AVML (Asian Vegetarian) or VJML (Vegetarian Jain) are offered, these are very good substitutes.

Generally the Hindu meal will contain lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, pulses, starches, milk and dairy products. The meal will not contain veal, beef, raw/smoked fish.

La plupart des compagnies aériennes du monde entier proposent une large gamme de repas spéciaux. Si vous avez besoin de vérifier une compagnie aérienne spécifique, consultez le compagnies aériennes section pour en savoir plus sur la compagnie aérienne avec laquelle vous voyagez.

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