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The airline has temporarily suspended inflight food and beverage services. It’s advised not to consume any food onboard their flights; instead, you should consider eating in the terminal before your flight.


GoAir is based in Mumbai meals are not included in the price of airline tickets. You can pre-order a meal combo at the time of making your booking.

During the flight, you’ll find an inflight menu offering meals and snacks for purchase. Options include non-vegetarian and vegetarian snacks, hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, cookies, and other sweets.

You may also pre-order a vegetarian or non-vegetarian meal when making their reservation, for more information check here.

These combos can be purchased up to 12 hours before departure and to collect your meal inflight, you must provide a copy of your e-ticket to the crew on your flight.

The meals will usually consist of a sandwich, juice, cake and chips.


The airline has recently refreshed their inflight menu, and you can view the entire menu right here.


Go Air business class passengers receive complimentary vegetarian and non-vegetarian hot meals as well as unlimited water, tea, and coffee inflight.

Go Air India business class meal

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