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The Hong Kong Express food menu consists of a wide selection of hot and cold meals, drinks and alcoholic beverages. A favourite dish onboard is the Hong Kong style Dim Sum breakfast. There is even an option to pre-order a wide range of hot meal options before your flight. 

Passengers on HK Express services can purchase a range of meals and snacks onboard their flight. The airline is set to launch a new sustainable solution for their inflight meal boxes and cups in September 2020.

Here’s a review from 2014 of the inflight meals. 


For the latest buy on board Hong Kong Express inflight menu, check here.


You can pre-order meals up to 4 days before departure, via the airline’s website. By pre-ordering your meal, you can save up to 20% of the cost of meals onboard. Each pre-order meal on Hong Kong Express comes with a free bottle of water.

Meal options include savoury Hong Kong and Asian delights and a wide range of tasty treats and sweet & spicy options. Fresh meals include local Dim Sum options with Oolong tea from Hong Kong also fried capsicum and eggplant stuffed with minced fish. Japanese dishes include beef rice while for dessert banana crepes are served with blueberries.

For allergen information, please check with the airline here.

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