Indigo inflight meals are not included in the price of your ticket. 

Indian based IndiGo offers a selection of food and beverages for sale onboard, which includes vegetarian & non-vegetarian options for purchase during your flight. There are healthy juices, lemonade and aerated beverages available for sales plus a choice of sugar-free health bars and drinks. For those customers who upgrade to Indigo Plus (at the time of booking), you will enjoy advanced seat assignment and a meal (choice of non-veg or vegetarian)  a drink (not alcoholic).

Complimentary drinking water is offered to everyone.



On flights within India, you can pay by Visa or Mastercard and Cash. The maximum that you can spend on your credit card domestically is INR 5000.


On international flights, you can pay by Visa or Mastercard and Cash in USD, Euro, GBP, AED, THB and OMR. Due to foreign exchange regulations in India, it’s not possible for pay in INR on any international flights. The maximum you can spend on credit cards is USD 120.


There are no food and beverage sales on flights with a flying time of 30mins.   On all flights under 60mins, no hot food or beverages can be purchased. The following items can be purchased on board.

Chicken Junglee Sandwich 250, Roast Peppers and Cheese Sandwich 200, Chicken Paprika sandwich 250, Cucumber Lettuce Cheese Sandwich 150, Rava Upma 200, Poha 150, Chinese fried Rice 200, Zesty Chicken Keema Cup Noodles 250, Maggi Veg Masala Twist Cuppa Noodles 200, Hot Manchow Veg Noodles 200, Idli Sambar 200, Tutti-frutti & Walnut cake 100, Cashew Nuts in a Collectible Tin 150, Smoked Almonds in Collectible Tin, 150, Banana Chips 100, Makhana 150, Chocolate Chip 50, Sugar free Cookie 100, Health Bars – Amla 100,  Health Bars – Choco Oat 100, Mineral Water 50, Kesar Badam Milk 100, Mixed Fruit Juice 100, Pomegranate 100, Alphonso Aamras 100, Coke 100, Cold coffee 100, Masala Tea 100, Low Sugar Tea 100, Coffee 100, Low Sugar Coffee 100, Green Tea 100.

Check out what to expect on Indigo Airlines here.


At the time of making your booking with Indigo, you can select to purchase an inflight meal if you wish. If you forget to do so at the time of booking, you can also add the meals up to 24 hours to departure. The choices include vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and include a beverage. Save up to 15% by pre-ordering. You can pre-order your meal here.

Cucumber Tomato Cheese and Lettuce Sandwich₹300
Paneer Tikka Sandwich₹300
Chicken Tikka Sandwich₹300
Chicken Junglee Sandwich₹300
Rava Upma₹250
Veg Biryani₹250
Sambar Chawal₹250
Dal Chawal₹250

Every combo contains a beverage. All snack items are subject to availability.

Note that on International service the cost is ₹500 for pre-order meal combos. 

Contact the airline here to pre-book your meal if it’s not possible to do online.

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