Czech airlines meals options for business and economy class passengers are set to change on 1 June with a new range of inflight meal options gracing the skies. The airline has just announced a new collaboration with chefs from the Zátiší Group who owns a chain of restaurants and a catering company in Prague.

Economy class passengers flying from Brussels, Barcelona and Madrid to/from Prague are also set to benefit from the new inflight meal range with options such as homemade white and dark baguettes served with cheese and vegetables. While international economy class passengers flying to Russia and Central Asia will sample more local style meals which have been developed by the team at Skyport Catering.

For travelers heading to Seoul dishes such as pumpkin soup or partridge with creamy mushroom sauce and gnocchi will be served on select flights.


Business class passengers flying to/from Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Copenhagen, and other routes will be served Tramezzi with ham and cheese, chicken with vegetables or pollo tonnato with tuna mayonnaise.

Whilst passengers flying further afield on international long-haul services to Seoul will have a choice of three main meal choices including a Korean option of Bibimbap as well as Chicken Makhani with rice and aubergine Masala, ham and cheese quiche, served with home-made bread and tomatoes, veal rump steak with creamy-vegetable sauce and Karlovy Vary dumplings or grilled salmon with mashed potatoes.


In a recent press conference Sanjiv Suri, Zátiší Group President & CEO said, “We believe that quality and tasty food should be a part of our lives. There is no reason to compromise even aboard an aircraft. The combination of our food concept with Czech Airlines’ Business Class service clearly proves that. Our joint goal is to provide clients with the utmost of comfort and exceptional experiences during every moment of their travels,”.