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On a recent flight from Milan to Athens I take a closer look at the Aegean Airlines business class meals. Aegean says on their printed business class meal menu “The journey begins with an exploration of Greek cuisine and wine.” Aegean even use the services of a Master of Wine to help select the right Greek wines to pair with your inflight meal.

While Chef Nikos Sarantos selects quality, fresh and wholesome Greek products that go into making your airline meal that little bit tastier.


For such a short flight, the airline food offering is phenomenal. The appetiser is a traditional Greek salad with capers and virgin olive oil, and there are two main meals options to choose from. Chicken with a green bean stew with tomatoes and wine or Perch fillet in a herbed tomato and vegetable sauce.

I select the Perch fillet which is served with Feta cheese as well as Gruyere cheese and dried fruits. The presentation of each meal is of a high standard, and the meal is delicious.

Desserts are typically Greek and have a taste of homemade goodness, which is served with great tasting coffee.




Hands down one of the most delightful and locally influenced meals I have sampled in a while. What an excellent way to start your trip to Greece by trying out some of the local meals even before you arrive.