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Bangkok Air markets itself as ‘Asia’s Boutique Airline’ and believes that all passengers should never fly to their destination on an empty stomach. And you probably won’t! The airline serves some seriously big inflight meal portions in economy class and even on short flights. Let’s take a closer look at the Bangkok air meals being served inflight.


But even before boarding your flight you notice that there is something different about this airline, all passengers (yes even economy class) are allowed to enter the airlines boutique lounges which offer free wifi along with hot/cold drinks and snacks. Not bad considering that most airlines today seem to be taking more and more away from passengers. Further information about these lounges is hard to find so make sure you ask about them when checking in for your flight.



Our flight in economy class and will take us from Phuket to Bangkok with a flying time of just over one hour. If we were anywhere else in the world one would expect a small snack perhaps some crisps or a small packet of nuts. Not on Bangkok Airways. It all starts with a refresher towel which is then followed by what one can only describe as service to the extreme. Everyone receives a meal tray which on today’s flight consists of a chicken salad, a Thai side salad, a bread roll and a banana chocolate sponge cake. The food itself is tasty and probably way too much to consume on such a short flight, but hey who’s complaining.

During the flight, the cabin crew move through the aircraft regularly offering refills of coffee, tea and a selection of fruit juices. Not bad for a flight with such a short flying time.


Would we fly Bangkok Airways again? Definitely and the inflight meal experience was a real treat, we only wish that more airlines offered passengers this kind of service on short flights.

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