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We took a trip recently from Japan to Frankfurt in premium economy class aboard Japan Airlines. To say that we were excited would be the biggest understatement of this year already! Why? Well, because we were served one of the strangest inflight meals ever to grace our inflight meal tray.


For the last few years, Japan Airlines has offered economy and premium economy passengers a range of Air Kentucky Fried Chicken meals from November to February. These meals feature the colonels 11 secret herbs and spices chicken. This year passengers on flights from Tokyo Narita to Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Boston, New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Helsinki were served the meal as a second meal snack service. The meal consists of a fresh salad, chocolate walnut cake, coleslaw, a flakey pastry and of course KFC chicken bites. Due to the loss of taste we have at high altitude the airline and KFC had to alter the recipe in order to taste the same as your local KFC.


But why KFC and why around Christmas time? It all started many years ago when tourists in Japan couldn’t find Turkey at Christmas time and stumbled along KFC instead. Year after year it started to become a tradition and the folks at KFC decided to mass market this idea. So KFC around that time of the year has become synonymous with the holiday seas and has become a delicacy. What better way to lure customers to your airline around the holidays than with a KFC inflight meal tray?


Possibly one of the weirdest inflight meals that we have eaten to date. Definitely one that will be remembered with great pleasure and yes it did taste like KFC. Just add the honey maple syrup to the pastry otherwise it’s a little too dry.


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