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I take a ride from Fort Lauderdale to New York to check out the Jetblue snacks that are available for purchase inflight. The airline still offers plenty of free snacks for everyone on board including items such as;

Doritos Chips, Keebler Animal Crackers, PopCorners Popcorn Chips, Skeeter Nut-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies, Snyder’s 100 Calorie Pretzels and, of course, the Terra Blues Potato Chips.


I helped myself to a packet of PopCorners chips and the famous Terra Blues Chips.

It’s great to see an airline still offering something for free when travelling within the USA, but I was still a little peckish, so I purchased a snack box.



For the US $6.00 you can purchase the Cue It Up snack box which consisted of:

Sour Jelly Beans
Caramel Baked Popcorn
Twizzler Twists
A Bavarian Soft Pretzel
Heritage Spicy Brown Mustard Dip


For a short flight, this snack box offers some great inflight snacks, of course on longer transcontinental sectors the airline provides a range of fresh food that is available for purchase for economy class passengers. The “Eat Up Cafe” is available on flights between New York and Boston to Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Francisco departing before 2059.


Want to get a feel for what’s being served in their new ‘Mint’ cabin class? Check out the video below!

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