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An overnight flight in economy class from Melbourne to Tokyo on Jetstar flight JQ23 was the perfect setting for an inflight meal tasting session.

Being the curious one that I am, I made sure that it was possible to taste at least two dinner options, the breakfast offering and an evening snack.

For those unaware, Jetstar ‘Starter’ fares do not include meals however you can upgrade to the ‘Plus Bundle’ option which will include meals. Generally, on Jetstar A330 or 787 services you will receive your hot meal tray during the first service (which consists of a bread roll, dessert, tea or coffee and water), and a continental breakfast offering or evening snack usually just before you land.

During the booking process, you can select what hot meal choice you prefer, the cost of both meals that you will receive inflight is AUD$24.00.




Not long after take off the cabin crew started to hand out meals to those who pre-ordered. First up on the Jetstar tasting menu is the Panko crusted chicken schnitzel served with rice, greens and wasabi sauce. For dessert a Harry and Larry chocolate mousse (which is made in Brunswick, Melbourne) and your standard bread roll with Western Star butter and a water cuplet.


The chicken wasn’t dry at all, nor was the rice and the wasabi sauce was quite tasty just the portion size was a little small. The chocolate mousse was divine for something that is pre-packaged.



Next on the tasting menu is a traditional Greek style lasagna dish cooked with a selection of vegetables and topped with béchamel sauce and a panko crumb. The meal isn’t dry at all and not too bad on the taste scale, certainly not a home cooked meal, but it does the job.



What’s in the box?? Two utterly delicious pulled beef sliders on a brioche bun with sticky tomato & capsicum relish.


These were probably my favourite items on the menu, very more-ish and hit the spot. Jetstar has started to include these as their secondary meal snack, they debuted on Qantas A380 flights to Dallas flights back in 2014, and it’s great to see them onboard Jetstar!


Approximately 1.5 hours before arrival into Tokyo the crew started to deliver the breakfast service to those who had ordered it.


For breakfast a naturally yours Swiss muesli with milk, a muffin and orange juice. It’s a nice amount of food for breakfast, enough to fill your stomach yet not enough to make you feel full — a good thing when travelling.

All in all the Jetstar inflight meal experience wasn’t too bad, the hot meal portions may be a little small, but there’s plenty of variety to choose from when ordering. Compared to pre-order meals on airlines in Europe there is value to be had with Jetstar, similar meal offerings can cost up to AUD$35.00.

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