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Did you know that you can fly with Lan Chile between Madrid and Frankfurt?  The daily flight arrives in Madrid from Santiago and then continues to Frankfurt as flight LA 704.  Departure time from Madrid is just after 3 pm arriving in Frankfurt just before 6 pm with a flying time of 2.5 hours. The Boeing 787 operates this service and certainly offers a much nicer business class product than similar airlines flying the same route. No economy class meals today, today it’s business class to Frankfurt, enjoy!

This is a short flight, so there are no inflight menus or meal choices however there are welcome drinks when you first board the aircraft. Cabin Crew will offer the same meal tray to everyone in business class. While wines are offered to everyone with their meals, you can order a wide range of alcohol; you just need to ask the crew what the options are.





lan2Economy class cabin
lan4Business Class


As mentioned previously the cabin crew will offer you a welcome drink of Pisco Sour. In Chile, these are served in Summer and Winter usually before a meal and consist of juice from small lemons, pisco, powdered sugar and ice. (Some also have a bit of raw egg white for the foam)

Since this flight was under 3 hours the airline only offers a cold main and a dessert, however, if you were flying 3 hours or more a hot meal may be an option. In all fairness this meal was delicious and quite a beautiful looking meal for such a short sector, it consisted of: Iberico Ham salad served with Las Doscientas Chilean Balsamic dressing, a warm bread roll and for dessert a crumbly fruit cheesecake.


It was such a short flight I really didn’t want it to end, a lovely aircraft, great cabin crew and a fabulous meal, if only it lasted another 10 hours!