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I take a flight from New York to Oslo on the 787 to check out the Norwegian Air inflight meals.

Norwegian does not provide ‘free’ meals for passengers in economy class, however, if you fly premium economy meals are included in your ticket.

On this flight, I will test Economy and Premium Economy class meals and don’t forget to check out the video below which has some behind the scenes footage aboard the 787.


Before the flight, I ensure that I’ve pre-ordered the ”Nice and Tasty” menu for economy class passengers which includes: One light meal and a hot meal ( with wine, beer or water during the meal service). The meals must be pre-ordered online at least 72 hours before departure if you don’t pre-order you can always order snacks during the flight through your entertainment system.



Cabin crew serve passengers who have pre-ordered their meals online first, those who didn’t just have to wait a little bit longer. The economy class meal is served promptly after take off and consists of a standard meal tray with a salad, drink and your main meal.

The first meal is beef with potato mash served with broccoli, and while it doesn’t look very appealing in the end it tasted ok.


From economy class, I am then moved into premium economy class to get a taste of what’s being served there. Immediately you notice that the seats in the premium economy class are a lot bigger than in economy, yet the meals look somewhat similar to those in economy class.

The meal for the second service is the light breakfast which consists of yoghurt, fruit salad, and a pain au chocolate. It’s a lot better than the previous meal in economy class and about the same amount of food is served, it’s just served in different packaging and presented slightly better than economy class meals. 


For this flight, I paid an extra €49 as a special deal which includes a checked in bag, your seat selection and two meals. If you purchase the bag alone it will cost you €33, and seat selection is an additional €33, so it does make sense to buy it all together especially if you plan on checking in a bag selecting a seat or having something to eat. 


The meals in economy class could be created and presented a little better as they didn’t look appealing at all. The meals in premium economy class are very similar to economy class and could perhaps do with a bit of an upgrade too; they do not represent what other airlines are serving in premium economy. Quite a good food experience, not excellent yet not appalling either.

I paid for my ticket and Norwegian allowed me to film and experience both cabin classes on my flight. 

 If you’re looking for further information on Norwegian menus or food options, check here.


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