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We take a flight with Scoot from Bangkok to Singapore in their ‘biz’ business class cabin to sample the Scoot biz meals. In case you didn’t know Scoot don’t offer any free meals whatsoever unless of course you are seated in biz class or purchase a Fly Bag Eat airfare in economy.

Before take off the cabin crew come around to take the meal order and you are directed to make a choice from the main inflight menu that economy passengers can purchase from. Scoot biz meals are exactly the same meals that everyone in economy class is served. On this flight the choices of the hot meal dishes are:

Beef Bourguignon Pasta Stew, Baked Chicken Mushroom Rice or Thai Red Curry

Included with your meal is a drink choice of non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages and everyone receives a small container of Pringles.


Baked Chicken Mushroom Rice- An Oriental Dish

Scoot says ‘A classic dish of chicken chunks baked with mushrooms and chestnuts. Served with fragrant rice for a wholesome meal.’

We say ‘It definitely hits the spot, very tasty and just the right amount of spices.’

Not wanting to waste the opportunity we decide to purchase an additional meal to try (there’s only one meal included in our ticket price on this flight). The Thai Red Curry costs SGD$12.00 to purchase, was a little spicy and quite difficult to open initially.

Thai Red Curry with Mixed Brown Rice- Asian Dish

Scoot says ‘A choice selection of vegetables and mushrooms cooked in a sumptuous paste of spices and simmered in mild coconut curry. Served with healthy brown rice.’

We say ‘Yet another lovely dish, but seriously that packaging is too difficult to open!’



Would we eat inflight with Scoot again? You bet we would, the service was nice, crew friendly and the meals are really tasty. Our only gripe is that the meals are exactly the same as Economy class, surely if passengers are paying a little more to fly in ‘Biz’ class the meals should be of a better standard?


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