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On a recent flight from Hong Kong to Singapore we flew Business Class in order to sample the Singapore Airlines Book the cook service! This service allows you to pre-order a meal from a selection of meals depending on where you are flying to and from. It takes the hassle out of making a decision inflight and you can select exactly what you want to eat.


From Hong Kong, the airline offers around 12 options and our pick was the Grilled Fillet of Beef with Shallot Tarragon sauce, French beans, Roasted pumpkin and Mashed potatoes. On this flight Singapore airlines offered four inflight meals to choose from:

Veal fillet, Steamed cod, Seared chicken and Fried pork. 

It all starts with a drink, of course and we choose the ‘Silver Kris Sling’ and in addition there are wine options from from France, Australia, Germany and Port from Portugal also available.



The first course is served and it’s a Nicoise salad with marinated seared prawns and it’s just delicious! Not long after we finish the meal our cabin crew member confirms our pre-order meal choice and it’s delivered promptly. It’s restaurant quality the meal looks amazing and for an inflight steak tastes great there’s only one problem, it was rather lukewarm. We still ate the dish of course and didn’t want to cause a fuss, but the cabin crew member knew something was wrong with the meal and asked for feedback. We explain that when the meal was served it was lukewarm….


A few minutes later and without a thought a crew member delivers a new meal to us to compensate for the earlier lukewarm dish. Served piping hot is a dish of hot fried pork with Chinese vegetables and again it really hits the spot and is delicious.




For dessert, it’s Haagen Dazs frozen desserts a choice of raspberry or chocolate,  yet without being able to make a choice, the cabin crew member places one of each flavor down on our tray table. Guess we will have to try both flavors then.



It’s definitely great to be able to pre-order your main meal even in business class. The service was fantastic as was the service recovery, this is international business class at its best and if you ever have the chance to fly Singapore Airlines business class we highly recommend it.

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